Thank you for your purchase of a FlowBelow product. This instructional content will help you properly install and configure your product for maximum fuel savings. If you have a question, need further information or require special assistance, contact technical support at 512-554-4739 or email

Tractor AeroKit

Wheel Covers

Our aerodynamic, 'quick-release' wheel covers reduce turbulence around the wheel end which reduces drag and saves fuel.

Center Fairings

The center fairing reduces low pressure zones and minimizes turbulence between the tractor wheels. Watch the quick video for a simple overview of the installation process. The full installation manual is also available for download.

Rear Fairings

The rear fairing redirects the airflow away from the tractor and trailer and works in tandem with the wheel covers and center fairing to minimize turbulence and reduce drag resulting in increased fuel economy.

Trailer AeroSlider


Trailer Aeroslider Install Guides

The FlowBelow Trailer AeroSlider installs easily but varies slightly depending on your trailer configuration. We offer the following install guides for download. If you do not have one of these configurations, give us a call at 512-520-5350.