The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit™ is a tractor mounted aerodynamics system that offers proven fuel savings of 2.23% for van, reefer, tanker and flatbed fleet operations. 


The Tractor AeroKit system consists of easy to operate aerodynamic wheel covers and tractor tandem fairings that work together as a complete aerodynamic system to reduce drag and turbulence around the rear wheels of the tractor. Because the Tractor AeroKit is a tractor-mounted aerodynamic device, you save fuel on every mile you drive, regardless of your fleet's tractor to trailer ratio.


Optimize fleet fuel efficiency & get the most from your fuel budget

The most fuel-efficient fleets combine the Tractor AeroKit with trailer aerodynamic devices to minimize drag across the entire tractor-trailer system.


Invest in aerodynamics products that offer proven fuel savings

The Tractor AeroKit fuel savings are based on SAE J1321 third party testing using EPA SmartWay guidelines and over 300 fleet on-road tests.


Enjoy all weather durability even in the toughest conditions

Cutting edge engineering, precise manufacturing and durable materials ensure high performance whatever nature throws at you.


Fleet Size
223 Trucks

Annual Miles Driven
16 Million

We made the decision to deploy FlowBelow’s system on a group of trucks and saw a measurable increase in fuel economy. As a next step, we retrofitted over 100 trucks and the product has become a standard spec for new equipment going forward. Not only does the system save us fuel, it holds up and the drivers like the way it looks.
Kevin Andrew
Chief Operating Officer | Paul Transportation, Inc.

Did you know about factory installation?

The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit is now available factory installed from KenworthFreightliner and Peterbilt. That's right! You can take delivery of your new trucks already equipped to save you 2.23% in fuel with every mile. Have trucks on order? Contact your dealer and ask about adding the Tractor AeroKit, Fairing Kit or ‘Quick-Release’ Wheel Covers to your new truck order with the following data codes:


78H-002 : Tractor AeroKit (Factory)
78H-003 : Tractor AeroKit (PDI)
50U-007 : Wheel Covers (Factory)


29CAG : Wheel Cover Kit (Black)
29CAH : Wheel Cover Kit (Grey)
16XSK : Fairing Kit (Black)
16XSM : Fairing Kit (Grey)

Also available on the International® Truck LT® Series as part of the MPG Fuel Efficiency Package (10DAU & 10DAT)



6792012 : AeroKit Fairings (Black)
6792014 : AeroKit Fairings (White) 
5850080 : Wheel Covers (Black)
5850081 : Wheel Covers (Chrome)


5400150 : Wheel Covers (Black)
5400140 : Wheel Covers (Chrome)
5400160 : Wheel Covers (White)
6132950 : AeroKit Fairings (Black)
6132960 : AeroKit Fairings (White)