WHAT IS this device on my truck?

Your vehicle is equipped with an aerodynamic system manufactured by FlowBelow Aero, Inc. The Tractor AeroKit™ is designed to reduce the aerodynamic drag of the tractor, improve fuel economy and reduce rain spray for improved safety. The system consists of three critical components: wheel covers, center tandem fairings and the rear tandem fairings.  

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Aerodynamic Wheel Covers

Each wheel cover is attached to the wheel with a patented ‘quick release’ latch that provides instant access for quick inspection and maintenance on the wheel end.   

TO REMOVE: The wheel cover can be instantly removed from the latch by pressing the center button and turning the wheel cover until it is released. 

TO ATTACH: Push the cover onto the black tabs of the latch and rotate until the wheel cover locks in place. 


Center Fairing

This component is located between the drive tires.  The fairing and bracket assembly is bolted to the 5th wheel rail and should not require removal or modification for regular inspection and maintenance.

See FAQ section below for questions about tire chains and our optional ‘quick-release’ center fairing.


Rear Fairing

This component is located behind the rear drive tires. The fairing and bracket assembly is spring loaded and bolted to the frame rail.  The assembly should not require removal or modification for regular inspection and maintenance.   

Important Note: In the event that one of the components in the kit becomes damaged and needs to be removed, please store the component in the cab until it can be delivered to maintenance personnel. In the event that the component needs to be partially or completely removed, refer to the installation instructions for guidance in the removal process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much fuel will I save? 

The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit has been proven to reduce fuel consumption by more than 2% through independent, third party tests including SAE Type II fuel efficiency test procedure, wind tunnel testing, CFD modeling and on-road fleet tests. 

How durable is the Tractor AeroKit?

The Tractor AeroKit was designed alongside major fleet partners and is made to standards specified by large fleet mechanics and drivers. The tandem fairings, fenders and wheel covers are made from 100% rust proof polyethylene and are engineered to maintain maximum durability even in known extreme weather conditions and temperatures. 

Can I use tire chains with the Tractor AeroKit?

Yes. For applications where chains are used we suggest de-coupling from the trailer prior to installing the chains.  If additional clearance is required the center fairing can be removed using a 7/32” allen wrench and a 9/16” wrench. We also offer an optional, ‘quick-release’ center fairing that is secured via two Clevis pins that can be removed in seconds and provides extra access between the drive wheels.

Does the Tractor AeroKit work with trailer skirts and boat tails?

The Tractor AeroKit works with or without additional trailer aerodynamic devices such as side skirts and boat tails. Because the Tractor AeroKit addresses the drag intensive area around the wheels of the tractor tandem, it reduces fuel consumption no matter what type of trailer you pull. 

Is the Tractor AeroKit compatible with my existing wheels and tires?

The Tractor AeroKit and wheel covers work with most wheel and tire configurations, including super singles.  

Can I easily access my tires when the wheel covers are installed?

The Tractor AeroKit and wheel covers utilize FlowBelow’s patented quick release system to provide drivers and maintenance staff with instant, tool-free access to the wheels. Just push and turn the wheel cover to remove it in seconds. To re-install, simply place the wheel cover over the wheel and turn until the quick release clicks, letting you know that is is securely fastened. 

What is the best way to clean the fairings and wheel covers?

The FlowBelow white fairings and wheel covers can easily be cleaned of road grime by using a mixture of one cap of Pine Sol and one quart warm water (1:10 ratio). Use a clean non-abrasive towel or shop rag and wipe down the dirty area. After the entire area is cleaned, rinse with clean warm water and dry area.

Inspection Procedures

How to Inspect Wheel Covers

  1. Inspect lock nuts and verify the nuts are secure

  2. Inspect latch assembly bracket for cracks, breakage or corrosion

  3. Inspect latch assembly for cracks, breakage or corrosion

  4. Inspect wheel cover; verify the cover is centered within the rim and has the minimum required spacing of 3/8” to 1/2” 

  5. Inspect wheel cover ring for cracks or corrosion; verify the cover ring is free from damage and ring hardware is secure

  6. Inspect locking mechanism of each latch assembly; verify the wheel cover is firmly held in place when installed


How to Inspect Center Tandem Fairing

  1. Verify that the outboard mounting bracket is firmly secured to the 5th wheel rail

  2. Verify that the fairing mounting bar is firmly secured to the outboard mount bracket

  3. Inspect the center fairing to ensure it is centered between the tires

  4. Verify that the center fairing is not rubbing or showing signs of unique wear

  5. Inspect all hardware; verify hardware is secure

How to Inspect Rear Tandem Fairing

  1. Verify that the rear fairing is oriented properly

  2. Inspect the entire rear assembly for signs of interference or unique wear

  3. Verify that the hanger assembly and all hardware is secure

  4. Verify that the hanger assembly springs are tensioned 

  5. Inspect the entire rear assembly for rust or corrosion events

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