Tractor AeroKit

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The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit™ includes quick-release aerodynamic wheel covers and a pair of tandem fairings installed on the tractor that work together as a complete aerodynamic system to address the complex airflow around the exposed rear wheels of the tractor, reducing turbulence and drag.


The patented Tractor AeroKit System reduces aerodynamic drag and improves fuel efficiency of the tractor by 2.23%, typically providing an ROI for long haul trucking fleets in one year or less. 

FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit fairings are made of extremely durable and flexible thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) material commonly used in automotive applications. Each kit includes four quick-release wheel covers, which provide instantaneous access to the wheel end via FlowBelow's patented "push and turn" quick-release latching system.


  • Tool free, instant access to wheels

  • One hour installation (no drilling or welding)

  • Great strength to weight ratio

  • Designed alongside large fleet managers

  • Works seamlessly with snow chains

  • Wheel covers available in variety of colors (black, white, grey, metallic silver, brushed chrome, and polished chrome)

  • Proven to reduce fuel consumption by 2.23%

  • One year ROI for long-haul fleets

  • Complementary performance when used with trailer aerodynamic devices

  • Compatible with all tractor OEMs

  • Impact resistant at extreme temperatures

  • Fits dual and super single tires


Can your wheel covers do this?

Our patented, quick release wheel covers provide instant tool-free access to wheels for maintenance. Check out the video to see for yourself. Check both axles in seconds.

Easily manage chains with removable center fairing.

Our 'quick release' center fairings allow instant tool-free access to the space between your wheels. Need to install tire chains? No problem.

Run smart and efficient with FlowBelow.

Team Run Smart's Henry Albert talks about fuel savings improvement due to aerodynamics products like the FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit and trailer wheel covers.


The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit is available in custom colors and finish to match your brand. Drivers love the look and maintenance staff love the ease of removal for inspection.


Should you require additional information or documentation that is not included here, reach out to us. We're here to help.

Product Brochure

Our brochure highlights product features and benefits of using the Tractor AeroKit.

Warranty Information

Our products are built to last and we stand behind each and every product we sell. 

Installation Guide

This guide includes step-by-step instructions for proper installation.


How much fuel will I save? 

The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit has been proven to reduce fuel consumption by more than 2% through independent, third party tests including SAE Type II fuel efficiency test procedure, wind tunnel testing, CFD modeling and on-road fleet tests. 

How durable is the Tractor AeroKit?

The Tractor AeroKit was designed alongside major fleet partners and is made to standards specified by large fleet mechanics and drivers. The tandem fairings, fenders and wheel covers are made from 100% rust proof polyethylene and are engineered to maintain maximum durability even in known extreme weather conditions and temperatures. 

Does the Tractor AeroKit work with trailer skirts and boat tails?

The Tractor AeroKit works with or without additional trailer aerodynamic devices such as side skirts and boat tails. Because the Tractor AeroKit addresses the drag intensive area around the wheels of the tractor tandem, it reduces fuel consumption no matter what type of trailer you pull. 

Is the Tractor AeroKit compatible with my existing wheels and tires?

The Tractor AeroKit and wheel covers work with most wheel and tire configurations, including super singles.  

Can I easily access my tires when the wheel covers are installed?

The Tractor AeroKit and wheel covers utilize FlowBelow’s patented quick release system to provide drivers and maintenance staff with instant, tool-free access to the wheels. Just push and turn the wheel cover to remove it in seconds. To re-install, simply place the wheel cover over the wheel and turn until the quick release clicks, letting you know that is is securely fastened. 

Can I use tire chains with the Tractor AeroKit?

Absolutely. The fairings provide plenty of access to install and remove your tire chains in winter conditions.