The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit™ is a tractor mounted aerodynamics system that offers proven fuel savings of 2.23% for van, reefer, tanker and flatbed fleet operations. 

The Tractor AeroKit™ system consists of easy to operate aerodynamic wheel covers and tractor tandem fairings that work together as a complete aerodynamic system to reduce drag and turbulence around the rear wheels of the tractor. Because the AeroKit™ is a tractor-mounted aerodynamic device, you save fuel on every mile you drive, regardless of your fleet's tractor to trailer ratio.


Optimize Fleet Efficiency

The most fuel-efficient fleets combine the Tractor AeroKit™ with trailer aerodynamic devices to minimize drag across the entire tractor-trailer system.

 Proven Fuel Savings

The Tractor AeroKit™ fuel savings are based on SAE J1321 third party testing using EPA SmartWay guidelines and over 150 fleet on-road tests.

Ultra Durable Construction

The Tractor AeroKit™ was designed with fleet mechanic and driver input and feedback to ensure maximum durability, ease of install and maintenance.