Tractor AeroKit Specifications

Thank you for your purchase of an aerodynamic product from FlowBelow. We strive to provide a smooth buying and installation experience. To assure the proper product is shipped and delivered in a timely manner, it is important that we receive accurate information about your truck and fleet.

Please complete the specification form below for each truck with unique specs. If you have multiple identical trucks, you can update the 'truck quantity' field to the appropriate quantity. Otherwise, each unique truck will require a separate spec sheet.

If you would prefer to print out the spec sheet and complete it offline, simply download and print the PDF from the link below.

Part 1 : Customer Information
Name *
Primary Phone
Primary Phone
Shipping Address
Shipping Address
How many tractors are you outfitting with the exact same measurements?
Select Wheel Cover color *
Select Center and Rear Fairing color *
Part 2 : Wheel Covers
To assure the proper wheel cover bracket is selected, please provide the following two measurements: (A) Measure the distance from the tire face to the top of the axle flange nuts. (B) Measure the distance from the tire face to the edge of the rim. Please round measurement to 1/8".

USEFUL TIP: For accurate measurements, place a sturdy and straight rod or pole (metal or wood) across the tire face.
 What is the axle flange nut size on your vehicle? *
 What is the rim size on your vehicle? *
 Is your truck equipped with the Halo Tire Inflation System? *
 Does your vehicle have a Dead Axle? *
 Does your vehicle have a Lift Axle? *
Distance from the tire face to the top of the axle flange nuts.
Distance from the tire face to the edge of the rim.
Part 3 : Center Fairings
To assure proper fitment of your center fairing components, please provide the information about your fifth wheel.
 What type of fifth wheel is on your vehicle? *
Please review the image below and select the option that corresponds with your fifth wheel configuration.
Part 4 : Rear Fairings and Mudflaps
To assure that the product fits perfectly, please provide the following measurements for your bolt hole spacing and frame face to tire tread edge.
Please verify the mounting hole distance by measuring the center to center distance between the mudflap mounting holes/studs.
Measure the distance between the flat surface of the outside of the frame and the outer edge of the tire tread (not the tire face).
Part 5 : Order Processing