The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit™ consists of aerodynamic wheel covers and tractor tandem fairings that work together as a complete aerodynamic system to reduce drag and save fuel on the tractor. Because the Tractor AeroKit reduces aerodynamic drag and improves fuel efficiency of your tractor unit versus your trailer, your fleet will realize maximum fuel savings regardless of the type of trailer you haul, the type of fleet operation you run or your tractor to trailer ratio.

The Tractor AeroKit is complementary to other aerodynamic devices installed on the trailer, allowing your fleet to capture all available fuel savings from aerodynamic improvements across the entire vehicle and is compatible with all tractor OEM types.

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FlowBelow products are currently available for purchase and installation through FlowBelow’s network of truck and trailer dealers across North America. 

Please contact us today if you are interested in becoming a FlowBelow Dealer or if you would like to locate the closest FlowBelow Dealer to you.


We understand that large fleets often prefer to have FlowBelow products installed on new equipment prior to delivery.   FlowBelow products are now available through Freightliner PDI, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Fontaine Modification Center, and other installation facilities using a data code.  Please contact us today to discuss the most convenient options for acquiring FlowBelow products on your new equipment for factory or PDI installation.


78H-002 : Tractor AeroKit (Factory)
78H-003 Tractor AeroKit (PDI)
50U-007 Wheel Covers (Factory)


6792012 : AeroKit Fairings (Black)
6792014 : AeroKit Fairings (White) 
5850080 : Wheel Covers (Black)
5850081 : Wheel Covers (Chrome)


5400150 : Wheel Covers (Black)
5400140 : Wheel Covers (Chrome)
5400160 : Wheel Covers (White)
6132950 : AeroKit Fairings (Black)
6132960 : AeroKit Fairings (White)