MPG Package

FlowBelow offers tractor Aerokit for International LT Series ‘MPG Package’

FlowBelow Aero Inc. announced that its fuel saving Tractor AeroKit system will be offered as a factory-installed option on the International LT Series MPG Fuel Efficiency Package, effective this spring. The products will also be factory-installed options for any new LT and RH Series trucks through International dealers.

In October, International Truck announced the FlowBelow wheel covers were made part of International’s New ‘MPG Package’ for the LT Series, which also includes chassis skirts, roof fairing, cab extenders, and an optional bumper valance. The next level up MPG Fuel Efficiency Package, which becomes available this spring, includes all of the standard MPG Fuel Efficiency Package plus predictive cruise control and the FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit system.

The FlowBelow products included in the MPG Fuel Efficiency Package will be warranted by International Truck as well as made available for aftermarket purchase through all International Truck dealers in the US & Canada.

“The new International LT has proven to be one of the most technologically advanced, fuel efficient trucks available,” said Gordon Virginski, Vice President of OEM & Dealer Programs at FlowBelow Aero. “With the addition of the FlowBelow Products on LT and RH Series trucks, we are providing fleets with even higher fuel efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership.

“2018 was a record year for FlowBelow and 2019 will continue to be a successful year for us,” Virginski continued. “We have 100,000 units deployed. We estimate that we have saved 20 million gallons of fuel saved.”