FlowBelow Expands Dealer Network to Meet Increased Demand from Canadian Fleets.

MONTREAL, Canada – April 18, 2017 – ExpoCam - FlowBelow Aero Inc., the leading manufacturer of tractor-mounted aerodynamic products today announced that two of Manitoba province’s largest fleets, Bison Transport and Arnold Bros. Transport are outfitting their new tractors with FlowBelow’s fuel-saving Tractor AeroKit system.  Additionally, Manitoba’s leading Volvo dealership, Beaver Truck Centre, will carry FlowBelow’s products in stock and offer Manitoba customers full installation and support services.

“Here at Bison we are laser focused on fuel efficiency and innovation,” said Rob Penner, President and CEO of Bison Transport.  “While balancing other factors such as usability, durability, and cost, we spec the most aerodynamic and fuel efficient equipment possible to reduce the overall fuel consumption and emissions of our fleet.” 

Currently Bison Transport is receiving FlowBelow products factory installed on all new Freightliners, whereas their Volvo trucks are receiving installations on-site at the company’s headquarters in Winnipeg.   Another nearby fleet, Arnold Bros., has been equipping their trucks with FlowBelow’s system with a different approach.

“We began using the FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit just before Kenworth offered the system as part of the T-680 Advantage,” said Brent Arnold, Operations Manager at Arnold Bros. Transport.  “Our corporate decision was for all new tractors to be ordered with AeroKits.  As soon as our local dealer began offering the product as a data book option we switched over to spec’ing the system on all new trucks.  Now the system comes pre-installed with every new truck that we put into service.  It’s convenient and the investment is cash-flow positive from day one since the units are financed along with the truck.”

In 2016, FlowBelow announced a partnership with Trans-West Logistics of Quebec.  Trans-West retrofitted their entire fleet after evaluating the product in a 20-truck test group for 12 months and through the PIT Group.  Numerous fleets in Canada defer to PIT Group for evaluating fuel savings technologies.  “For any new product with fuel efficiency claims we generally first look to PIT to see if the technology has been evaluated.  In the case of FlowBelow, the testing was already done and the available data helped us make a more informed decision about the product,” said Brent Arnold.

Following the testing done by PIT and major fleet retrofits in Canada, the demand for FlowBelow’s products has increased significantly and the Company has responded by increasing its dealer network. 

“Our customers have been asking for FlowBelow’s fuel-saving products and here in Canada FlowBelow needed better distribution.  We partnered up to offer the system both on new truck orders and for retrofits through our parts department, giving our customers immediate access to the technology,” said John Oades, Fleet Sales Manager at Beaver Truck Centre.  “We take pride in always offering the most reliable and efficient tractors to our fleet customers.  Adding FlowBelow’s AeroKit to new Volvo trucks makes an already fuel efficient truck even more efficient.”

The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit includes quick-release wheel covers and a pair of tandem fairings installed on the tractor that work together as a complete aerodynamic system to address the complex airflow around the exposed rear wheels of the tractor.  The patented Tractor AeroKit system reduces aerodynamic drag and improves fuel efficiency of the tractor by up to 2.23%.

FlowBelow is a Tier 1 supplier to Daimler Trucks North America and PACCAR.  Its fuel efficiency products are available for purchase through OEMs and their dealer networks across the United States and Canada.  Bison Transport and Arnold Bros. have both specified FlowBelow’s AeroKit device on their new truck orders from Freightliner and Kenworth, respectively.  For Volvo trucks FlowBelow frequently works with Fontaine Modification Center for installations.